Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Newstead Footbridge - with Michael Redden

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The series of Rocket Science sessions supported financially by Mount Alexander Shire continues - this is the fourth session that looks at an issue that was in the top ten raised in the Community Plan.

A footbridge across the Loddon was very near the top of the list. A crossing for cyclists, prams, walkers and wheelchairs that was safer, quieter and drew the "two halves" our town more closely together. In most people's minds this was something near to the current "flying fox" that amounted to an extension to Canrobert Street that brought the walker to the Creswick Road intersection with the Daylesford Road.

Something like this? 60m long footbridge at Charlton  $350,000
This idea has been well-adopted by the Shire - to the point where the plans for the new pavilion included the "Canrobert Street extension" and a $50,000 study has taken place looking at the broad outlines of such a project. Roughly speaking the study concluded that a 500m long bridge would be required in order to cross the floodplain and safely survive a 100 year flood.

Is this a good idea?
If so, what would it look like?
Could something be added more cheaply to the road bridge that would to some extent achieve the same ends?

Michael Redden, Newstead Councillor and Mayor, will convene and facilitate the discussion. Ben Grounds, Shire infrastructure manager, who has detailed knowledge of the study will be in the audience as will Peter Moloney who was engineer of Newstead Shire 20 years ago.

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