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Successful Volunteering - with Helen Yorston

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Newstead Pavilion Sunday November 16, 2014 at 2.30pm.

The series of Rocket Science sessions supported financially by Mount Alexander Shire continues - this is the 6th session that looks at an issue that was rated 6th in the top ten raised in the Newstead Community Plan. 

Support for Volunteers and Community Groups.

More than 40 active and diverse community groups operate in  Newstead -  all rely on volunteers.

  • How do we recruit, train, support and empower our willing, unpaid workers?
  • Can  Newstead  continue to rely on volunteers as our population ages and our lifestyles become ever more busy?
  • What can we do to encourage and welcome newcomers to be more involved in our vibrant little community?

The Presenter/Facilitator is Helen Yorston, Manager of Bendigo Volunteers Resource Centre.

Helen will help us tackle issues such as: 
  • What support structures are needed  for supporting, retaining volunteers
  • Implementing essential guidelines & Best Practice
  • Clear position descriptions and outline of tasks
  • Burnout
  • Why volunteers move on
Come along to the Newstead Pavilion (Newstead Oval in Panmure Street) to join the discussion on Volunteers and Community on November 16th, 2014. 2.30pm Free Cake!

Extract from Top 10 Priorities identified in Newstead Community Plan

6. Establishing a “Support and Sustain our Volunteers” initiative for volunteers and community groups


Newstead has some 40 plus active and diverse community groups and a high level of volunteerism. Our demographic profile shows an aging population. Sustaining the current levels of volunteerism will require specific support and strategies. Alongside this, we are experiencing some growth with new housing and residents and community members are keen to explore ways to involve and engage new residents to Newstead, especially as the population grows.

Newstead 2021 was established as an umbrella group to support the many projects that arose from the 2008 summit.

Current Status:
Newstead 2021 and the Rural Transaction Centre auspice community groups and activities, allowing small projects or activities to get under way without the need for incorporation or organisational legalities.
A Volunteer Register for identifying community needs and offers, and a Newcomers Kit were both discussed during the community planning process.
Next Steps:
Support the role of N2021, the RTC and other groups in auspicing commmunity projects
Seek support for a local community volunteer support worker, to assist in grant seeking, developing a volunteer register, sustaining volunteers and improving community group functions
Develop a “Support and Sustain our Volunteers” proposal which focuses on succession, leadership and mentoring and governance, and seek backing from MAS, state and federal government, philanthropic and corporate bodies.

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