Thursday, 21 January 2016

Community Lunches - what it's all about

3:30 pm Saturday 20th February

Welshmans Reef Winery, Welshmans Reef

Community Lunches - what it's all about

Anthony Santamaria

Each Wednesday the Mechanics Hall in Newstead is host to a Community Lunch. Between 30 and 60 folk, from all walks of life, sit down together and enjoy a hearty, but inexpensive($3), two course meal. Anthony is the chef and has been too for the Castlemaine Lunch. In a movement sponsored, but not funded, by Mount Alexander Shire, Maldon is the third dining destination.

What is going on here? What happens when people sit down and eat together? How can it possibly be so cheap? Who shows up? Who are the volunteers? Come and hear some stories and apply some thought on how this will keep going when Anthony departs for three years to Salina, near Sicily,  next month.

Who will the new chef be?

Anthony will also show a few pictures of that other, Italian, world. Hopefully everyone will see what lures him.

Finger food prepared by Anthony, coffee and wine available from Ron and Julia.

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