Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Reverse cycle (air con) - resist power bill rises?

3:30 pm Saturday 19th March

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A renewable energy generator in your home
Reverse cycle aircon in the winter

Tim Forcey

Melbourne Energy Institute, University of Melbourne

Tim Forcey is a chemical engineer and energy analyst with over 35 years experience in the oil and gas and electricity industries in Australia and abroad. Tim's research found that gas demand in Eastern Australia could fall as much by half in the next decade, one reason being that electric appliances are now much more cost-efficient than their gas counterparts.

Usually we think that electricity is one of the most expensive ways to heat our houses. 

However if a reverse cycle air conditioner is used the tables are turned and this Age article spells it out.

The research was particularly pertinent as the Victorian government decides whether or not to open up the state to broad-scale unconventional gas mining, requiring fracking.

The humble air conditioner may well be the disruptive technology, sitting under our nose, that could heat our homes for less while protecting our Victorian environment from the dangers of fracking.

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