Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Local Economy session - slides but no audio

The session about a Local Economy was very exciting but unfortunately many people could not make it.

The crux of the presentation was the idea of one's Digital Reputation and you will see this discussed towards the end of this slide show.

The point was splendidly demonstrated by the example of a young parent who had been part of a baby sitting co-op in her younger years, moved to another location and wanted to join a co-op there. 

Understandably the second co-op was cautious about the new potential-member.

An unforgeable, guaranteed representation of her reputation was missing. In current terms how can your rating as an Airbnb host apply to your attempt to get an Uber ride or sell something on eBay? All three, and a host of other setups, rely on a reputation that is internal to each system.

This point is made splendidly in this TED talk by Rachel Botsman

Click your way through this slide show. The audio of this session did not quite work out.

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