Saturday, 14 May 2016

Long live the (Newstead) Echo

3:30 pm Saturday 28th May

Welshmans Reef Winery, Welshmans Reef

Long Live the Echo

How is it done? Will it continue?

The Echo Team

The Newstead ECHO continues to serve our community, but will it survive? 

The success of the ECHO depends on the support from community volunteers, contributors and readership. 

This Rocket Science session offers the opportunity to meet the folk who produce the ECHO and find out a little of the history and just what goes on behind the scenes to make our popular community newspaper happen each month.

The ECHO has had a chequered history. Starting as a broadsheet in late 1890's , resurrected to a newsletter sponsored by the former Newstead Shire Council, surviving council amalgamation, commissioners, name changes, different mastheads and technological advances. 

The ECHO now also appears as an online edition with colour photos ( providing a valuable archive for research and general interest. 

Throughout the ECHO’s long history there has remained a commitment by local citizens to bring local news to the local community. Volunteers with a variety of skills are welcomed. Committee members will describe some of the many opportunities to become involved. 

Where would Newstead be today without the identity, that sense of involvement that the ECHO creates? 

Some dare ask “Do we still need the ECHO?” 

What can be done to ensure its survival?

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