ZFF (Zero Friends Facebook)

Setting up a ZFF (Zero Friends Facebook) account

These are instructions for setting up an extremely minimal Facebook account that will enable you to be involved in little more than ongoing Rocket Science conversations.

If you have any problems or doubts send me an email (davidhughstratton@gmail.com) and perhaps a coffee at Dig will fix it up.
  1. Visit www.facebook.com (a separate window will open showing this Facebook sign uo screen)

You can use a completely bogus First Name and Last Name but when you say stuff later that name will appear beside everything you say. Consider a nickname of some kind.

Your email must be a real email. Facebook will send you a confirmation at this address and if you cannot reply it will not work. Also later, if you choose to allow it, Facebook will tell you when there is a reply to something you have written. Consider setting up a free Gmail email account for just this purpose.

Pick a password that is easy to remember. 

Don't tell anyone your birthday but you should remember what you told Facebook. I use 5/5/55

 Pick a gender of your preference!

2. Facebook will invite you to find Friends - say "No" 

You need to click on Skip this step at the bottom
3. Facebook will invite you to give them personal details - say "No" by clicking Skip

4. Facebook will invite you to submit a photograph - say "No' by clicking Skip

5. Facebook will send you an email. 

There will be a button in the email to confirm your Facebook account. If you do not see the email check your spam folder or your Social folder.

6. You are now on Facebook! Almost there. The email address you have used will be the name you use when you login to Facebook along with the password you set earlier.

7. Facebook will try (be kind -- this is what they do for a living!) to get more information off you. Ignore them, say no on every occasion.

8. There's one more step - to make your Privacy settings as tight as possible.

At the top right of your screen click on the little "greyed out" padlock symbol to display the settings shown here.

Who can see my stuff? is not really relevant because the only things you write will be on one of the Rocket Science Pages which are Public.

Who can contact me? has a couple of settings that can be tightened.

  • Use Strict Filtering to prevent stuff being sent to you
  • Say that only Friends of Friends can send you Friend requests. Since you have no Friends there will be no requests

9. That's it you're done for the moment with Facebook. Go back to the blog and look at the Conversations page. Click on one of the conversation links.

10. Because you are now a "Facie" the conversation page will open and now you can write stuff.

11. This is the kind of thing you'll see and the various important bits. To begin with it's a big page with lots of different parts but I hope you'll get more and more used to it as you use it. This graphic shows the 6 most important things on that screen - read them in order and try them out - feel free to play. I will show you how to delete your stuff.

12 Deleting or editing stuff 
You can delete or edit things that you write - Posts or Comments
How to modify something you have posted

How to modify a comment you have made
13 Keeping in touch will be an issue if you don't develop the habit of hanging out on Facebook. How will you know when to take a look?

The answer is that each new Post on the Facebook page will result in an email to you which will include a link to the Post.


  1. Very elegantly presented David - newbies will be able to easily sign up using your directions.
    Do not fear FB, it really is a good way to keep in touch, to be able to comment on posts and to be able to put up photos and links and to see what everyone else is saying will be so much easier. :) Jasmine

    1. Thanks. I still need to talk more people through it so if you come across anyone I'm up for it

  2. Umm David - there are a number of Roccketscience pages, footpaths, street trees, volunteers, footbridge and arts all have separate pages. There is also a ''newborn'' page with nothing in it. Which one is going to be main page? And then link the others perhaps? Jas

    1. The "main page" is www.newsteadrocketscience.net which has links to all the others but if you didn't get that it obviously needs to be clearer.
      An fb page linker needs me to write a fb app which I haven't yet cracked. Unless you have some other thought...